Quinn's List Kids

TalynnCan you tell Talynn how to get to Sesame Place?

Waaaaay back in March, a cousin of mine directed me to Talynn's Facebook page asking if I could help the family. After connecting with Talynn's sweet mama Taylor, we were off and running!

As it turned out, Talynn, mom Taylor and dad Chad were heading from their home in North Carolina up to Maryland for their cousin's graduation in May. Since they would already be traveling, Taylor thought that would be a great time for their Quinn's List experience, and mentioned their hope to bring Talynn to Sesame Place. ... Read More

PaxtonPaxton's Canadian Warm Waters

Paxton was the very first Quinn's List Kid who found us. His sweet mama located our organization and contacted us for our help. And while we hate that she had to, we are so glad that she was able to!

Paxton was also unique in that he was our first Canadian Wish Kid! I used to work with many Canadians and developed a strong affinity for their kindness and sense of community. Kassie and Graham, Paxton's awesome parents, did not disappoint! ... Read More

Bryce AllenThe Great Adventures of Bryce Allen

Bryce is an adorable little man, who loves fire trucks, cartoons on his iPad and giraffes. In so many ways, your typical almost two-year old. When I spoke to Cortney, Bryce's amazing mama, she told me about these likes of Bryce's. He has a big 'in' with the fire department where he lives and has had many fire truck encounters so we decided to do something with giraffes instead. ... Read More

PiperPiper + Dolls (and Food!) = Love

Way (waaaay) back in September, we had the amazing honor of working with our second Quinn's List family. This one was a little different from the first - this family lives in California and Piper, our Quinn's List Kid, was not one of the Niemann-Pick children. This was a new family, a new horizon and one that - while we wished with all our hearts we didn't have to - we welcomed. ... Read More